We Made It! $10,000 Raised for Needed Equipment. Thank You To All Who Donated.

Just about a month ago we announced that we were almost three-quarters of the way to our goal of bringing in $10,000 for much-needed equipment to use in our research laboratory, a recipient of PERF funds. The needed state-of-the-art machines are a wireless oximeter used to record pulse rate and pulse oximetry during 6-minute and shuttle walk tests, and a hand-held spirometer to measure forced vital capacity (FVC) and the forced expiratory volume in one second (FEV1) in patients. This equipment is to advance screening, testing, and research for COPD patients while optimizing resources and staff time.

In just 4 weeks’ time since that announcement, several generous donors stepped forward and contributed more than $3,000, bringing us all the way to our $10,000 goal! We’re so grateful to everyone for their contributions, both large and small. Every bit helped, and together you all made the fundraiser a success. We are now able to purchase the equipment and use it in our research, with gratitude to you all.

thermometer $10000 goal


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