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 My Hopes

April 1997
PEP Pioneers
Second Wind
Torrance, California

     Dear Friends:

     I hope everyone will be pleased that my monthly newsletters published in the PEP Pioneers Second Wind, beginning January 1, 1986, are now being promoted on the Internet, hoping to reach even more people with COPD and related disorders than ever before. What I have been doing is compiling a loose-leaf booklet of these letters and, by my count, this letter will be the 134th.Thus quite a volume has been accumulated.

     I have made every attempt to keep everyone up-to-date with new developments in COPD. These developments are continuing and there are many exciting new drugs and products, as well as other therapeutic approaches, to look forward to in the future. Progress is being made all of the time. Perhaps of greater importance is the philosophical topics that deal with life and pursuit of happiness. After all, it is the quality of life and not just its length which gives our existence meaning.

     I have commented many times that most everyone has some disease which is an alteration of structure or function of some organ. This disease can either be disabling or of rather trivial importance. It is important not to let a disease turn into an illness. An illness is when quality of life becomes impaired. Usually, diseases can be kept in abeyance, adequately treated, or the impact of illness minimized. Such is a case with me and the listing of all of the diagnosed ailments I have ever had in my life would be revealing, but perhaps even boring. In any case, through the grace of God, I am still able to function, enjoy, and plan for a happy, healthy future. I hope the same is true for you.

     Accordingly, I plan to continue to offer my news and thoughts about the future each month, for so long as I can. Hopefully this will be for many years to come. And, by use of modern technology, we can spread the word nearly all over the world through the worldwide web.

     It has wisely been said that this is the communication generation and we must capitalize upon the technology of the era. Thus, I wanted you to know what a thrill I feel to be able to make these monthly newsletters, written personally to my friends in PEP Pioneers, available to anyone who wants to read them. Some will want to get a copy of the full series, which is being updated by my secretary, Mrs. Kay Bowen. She has been the key to keeping me on track and meeting Mary's deadlines each month. I plan to have each newsletter appear on our newly launched web page, beginning with this month web page.

     I will be in touch next month.

    Your friend,

   Thomas Petty, MD

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17 March 2002