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January 1995
PEP Pioneers
Second Wind
Torrance, California

Dear Friends,

     As we welcome in the New Year, we will certainly be considering some travel. We are the quintessential peripatetic society. But we need to be sure of exactly where we are going. For example, a recent lecture tour took me from Denver to Portland, Maine, and thence to Portland, Oregon. From Portland to Portland, sounds like a song or a poem. So when you call your travel agent, be specific.

     For example, if you are going to Albany, specify New York or Georgia. For Charleston, it's West Virginia or South Carolina. Springfield is even more tricky -- Massachusetts, Illinois, Colorado, and Missouri. Be sure you are going in the right direction. Consider carefully whether it is Columbus, Ohio or Georgia, and Augusta, Georgia or Maine.

     You could make a big mistake picking Monterey, California when you wanted to go to Monterey, Mexico. And, of course, there is Rochester, Minnesota and New York; and Salem, Oregon, Maine, and Virginia.

     You probably won't make a mistake between Dayton, Ohio and Datona Beach, Florida. That's too easy.

     Word has it that every state in the Union has an Albany, but I confess I haven't found Albany, Colorado, yet.

     You can't miss on Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas City, Kansas, since they use the same airport.

     It has been widely said that, "Everyone has to be some place." Just be sure you know exactly where you are going. And, have a Happy New Year!

     I'll be in touch next month.

     Sincerely yours,

     Thomas Petty, MD

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11 April 2002