The Basics of COPD – A Video With Dr. Richard Casaburi

PERF President Dr. Richard Casaburi spoke about the basics of COPD at the June 2015 Luncheon of PEP Pioneers, the rehabilitation support group affiliated with the Little Company of Mary hospital in Torrance, CA. He explained how COPD affects both the airways (chronic bronchitis) and the lung structure (emphysema), and how it ages people and causes an array of symptoms such as dyspnea (shortness of breath), coughing, sputum production, muscle problems, depression, heart problems, and interference with sleep.

In this 1 hour, 12 minute video presentation, Dr. Casaburi covers:

  • What Is COPD?
  • How Big A Problem is It?
  • What Causes COPD?
  • How Is It Diagnosed?
  • How Is It Treated?
  • What Is On The Horizon?

Among the many other aspects of COPD that Dr. Casaburi discusses, he lists the top 5 risk factors for COPD. The first risk factor is, of course, smoking. Can you name the next four? Forward to 15:35 in the video to find out what they are.


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