Thanks to Alvin – a Tribute

2 thoughts on “Thanks to Alvin – a Tribute

  1. "Lyn" Roxlyn G Cole says:

    All of you have helped me tremendously – I hope this article helps others too. The oximeter once understands it, is easy to use, and my medical Nonin even picks up the heart beat changes when I have a-fib. My primary doc said not possible, but when you have several oxymeters and they all show similar results… hey, that means something. I met many of you at Dr. Tom’s LTOT in 2005, as an early diagnosed patient with bullous E-COPD and overlapping other lung issues( worst was my diffusion, and I still live at mile high Denver area). The video that really got me going was Mary Burns presentation showing an older gal(over 70) walking with son or grandson’s in an event, think it was a 10K. I worked up to half marathons until 2011. If everyone could see that film! Now I will look at your video series thanks all! Lyn

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