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The war of words seems to go on and on, but the facts remain the same: e-cigarettes are not a proven tool to stop people from smoking, nor to help them give up the habit. What are the Statistics on Smoking Cessation, Using e-Cigarettes? A European study revealed these telling numbers: Smokers of traditional cigarettes who also use e-cigarettes daily are 48% less likely to quit smoking as those who smoke only regular cigarettes. Those who only o
“August 8th … marks the beginning of a two-year countdown to FDA prohibition of 99.9%+ of vapor products on the market,” wrote Greg Conley, president of the American Vaping Association, on the group’s website. As of that date, the Food and Drug Administration imposed a regulation requiring that nearly every e-cigarette product on the market must now go through an application process to deem whether it can continue to be sold. This a
Vaping is touted by some as a weapon in the war against smoking, but the unfortunate truth is that its effectiveness in helping motivated smokers reduce or stop smoking conventional cigarettes is open to question.  More importantly, though, vaping is attracting teens who otherwise might not be smoking or using tobacco at all. A study published in the CDC’s online journal Preventing Chronic Disease found that, among teens in North Carolina surv
By Brian L. Tiep, MD Director of Pulmonary Rehabilitation City of Hope National Medical Center The modern Electronic Cigarette (E-Cigarette) was developed by Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist. He was a 3 pack/day smoker, whose father died of lung cancer. He decided to develop a safer alternative to cigarettes to help himself and others to smoke more safely or quit altogether. E-Cigarettes are now a multibillion-dollar industry with more than 800 bra