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A new study has revealed that endobronchial valves – tiny, one-way valves placed in the lungs to block airflow to diseased regions in order to achieve lung volume reduction – can benefit patients with homogeneous emphysema (emphysema distributed evenly across the lung). In the IMPACT study, Pulmonx Corporation’s proprietary Zephyr Endobronchial Valves (EBV) were placed in the lungs of 93 patients with severe homogeneous emphysema, in order
We found a comprehensive article on the COPD Store website titled “The Beginners Guide to Emphysema,” that, in its thorough treatment of the subject, could be likened to an introductory course on the disease.  The topics covered include statistics, resources, effects, causes and contributing factors, symptoms, progression of the disease, the signs of emphysema, current treatments, ways to cope, ways to prevent the disease, associated symptom