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A recent email exchange between a research fellow at Haukeland University Hospital in Norway and PERF board member Mary Burns, RN, BS, about singing with respiratory disorders, brought up memories and a funny story that Mary has given us permission to share. The researcher wrote: In the past 6 years, I have been investigating dysfunctional breathing and related respiratory conditions in a diverse population (in neonates, COPD and asthma patients
The following is a question we received from a patient. PERF board member Mary Burns, RN, BS, answers. Hi, I read your article on pursed lips breathing. What is the ratio of the intake of air and the release of it?  Do I have to keep the air in for a while, by holding my breath?  Should pursed lips be like whistling?  I have shortness of breath when singing.  Every time I have a performance and sing I lack air. Thank you, Vintage Dear Vinta