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By Mary Burns, RN, BS Asst. Clinical Professor, School of Nursing, UCLA (ret) Executive Vice President, PERF Alvin Grancell has served as Vice-President of PERF since its origin.  He will be 99 years old May 28th. That is a very special event, of course, but why are we writing about it in a blog? Because Alvin has been very special in other ways that may have impacted your life also. Let me tell you some of this wonderful story. Mary Grancell,
By Brian L. Tiep, MD Pursed lips breathing has been shown to relieve shortness of breath and increase oxygen saturation in people with COPD. It was originally discovered by the patients themselves, who experienced that exhaling through pursed lips made them feel better. Researchers determined that the back pressure created by exhaling through pursed lips slowed exhalation and enabled patients to exhale more fully. A more complete exhalation allo