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Every year LA BioMed honors a select group of innovative scientists at its Annual Gala, and this year they’re recognizing PERF President Dr. Richard Casaburi as one of three scientists receiving honors. Dr. Casaburi is founder of the Rehabilitation Clinical Trials Center at LA BioMed, and his and his colleagues’ work has led to the discovery of innovative therapies through exercise and other muscle-directed interventions that improve the qua
By Mary Burns, RN, BS PERF Executive Vice President Hearing the suggestion, or advice, to start exercising is enough to make anyone groan with dread.  When, in addition, you have trouble breathing it may seem like an impossibility. We know how difficult exercising is for you, but everyone should exercise.  If you have respiratory disease, you must exercise. More about that later.  Let’s take first things first and get you started. Num
The following is a question we received from a patient. PERF board member Mary Burns, RN, BS, answers. Hi, I read your article on pursed lips breathing. What is the ratio of the intake of air and the release of it?  Do I have to keep the air in for a while, by holding my breath?  Should pursed lips be like whistling?  I have shortness of breath when singing.  Every time I have a performance and sing I lack air. Thank you, Vintage Dear Vinta