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We’ve talked earlier in this blog about the importance of getting a flu shot before or during flu season, especially if you’re over 65 and/or if you have a chronic lung disease. But what about the opposite end of the spectrum: the importance of not partaking of so-called flu remedies that do not deliver the benefits that they claim? The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently issued a warning against using fraudulent and unapproved flu pr
If you surveyed a hundred people about the flu vaccine, it’s almost guaranteed that you’d get a split in beliefs about its efficacy or its safety. Some are all for it; some believe it’s dangerous; some don’t know what to think. What’s real? What’s “fake news?” In a recent article in Aging Care, Marlo Sollitto compiled the latest information about the flu vaccine and debunked several common myths about its effectiveness and/or it
It’s the season again: Time to gear up for the colder weather and the arrival of a new wave of influenza. As you probably know, influenza viruses usually circulate widely in the United States from late fall through early spring. Most people will recover from the flu if they catch the virus, but people in high-risk groups can become seriously ill or even die. If you’re over 50 or you have a chronic pulmonary disorder such as COPD, you fall int
We all know that a flu shot can reduce your chance of getting sick from influenza this season, but did you know that the flu vaccine also may reduce the risk of flu-associated pneumonia? RT Magazine recently published an article on this subject. Until now, the medical community wasn’t certain whether flu vaccines lower the risk of hospitalizations for pneumonia that develops from influenza, but the results of recent research confirm that the f
By Mary Burns, RN, BS PERF Executive Vice President With the flu you often get fever (usually high) headache extreme fatigue dry cough sore throat runny or stuffy nose muscle aches Flu is mostly spread through coughs and sneezes, which create respiratory droplets containing the virus.  They float in the air for you to inhale, or they settle on something you then touch and eventually carry to your mouth Your best everyday defense again