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Good news: The Centers For Disease Control (CDC) reports that tobacco use nationwide dropped to a new low last year, and simultaneously, teen vaping, i.e. teen’s use of e-cigarettes, fell sharply. FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb commented that the CDC data are encouraging, stating, “It is critical that we work to ensure this downward trend continues over the long term across all tobacco products.” Though FDA’s e-cigarette regulations wer
Big U.S. tobacco companies know what they’re doing; many are developing e-cigarettes; battery-powered implements shaped like cigarettes that contain a heating element and a supply of flavored liquid nicotine. When the element heats the liquid, it vaporizes it, creating “smoke” that the user then inhales. The tobacco companies are marketing these e-cigarettes and teens are a substantial part of the market. Study Shows Teens Respond to e-Cig