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Every year LA BioMed honors a select group of innovative scientists at its Annual Gala, and this year they’re recognizing PERF President Dr. Richard Casaburi as one of three scientists receiving honors. Dr. Casaburi is founder of the Rehabilitation Clinical Trials Center at LA BioMed, and his and his colleagues’ work has led to the discovery of innovative therapies through exercise and other muscle-directed interventions that improve the qua
What is COPD, what often causes the disease, and how can one best cope with it once diagnosed? Carla Sanders recently answered these questions in a series of concise articles on COPD, “Life Strategies – Fighting for Breath,” published in the Senior Solutions & Health section of the Daily Breeze last February 15. She quotes Dr. Zab Mosenifar, Executive Vice-Chair of Medicine and Co-Medical Director of Women’s Guild Lung Institute at C