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  Peter Kendall, a reader of our blog who hails from Australia, posted a comment to our post, “Nutrition and COPD: 5 Types of Food to Avoid,” asking what are the key nutrients for COPD? We thought it a very good question, and turned it over to board member Mary Burns, RN, BS, who wrote this response: Unfortunately there is no specific diet for preventing or improving pulmonary disease that I have ever heard of. The basic Mediterranea
We write frequently in this blog about ways you can improve your quality of life as you deal with COPD, and today we’re going to talk about nutrition as one area you can improve in order to lead a healthier, stronger life. Here are 8 eating and drinking practices you can work on adopting. In future articles, we’ll share more tips in other areas of your life that will help you deal with your COPD. 1) Junk Food and Snacks We all know that hig
When you’re having a COPD exacerbation, you may find it hard to cook the way you usually do – or at all – or you might not have much of an appetite. It’s important to eat healthy nevertheless. The trick is to plan your meals to minimize your symptoms, and prepare nutritious food without exhausting yourself. Eating When Short of Breath To avoid contributing to shortness of breath, modify your food intake so that you don’t add any press