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A COPD exacerbation can be defined as an increase in symptoms above the day-to-day variability that a patient normally experiences, that requires a change in therapy. In simple terms, it is a COPD “flare-up."  Frequent exacerbations are associated with poorer health, disease progression, and increased mortality; in short, they negatively affect overall quality of life. The first step in treating exacerbations is to figure out what’s trigg
Did you know that, on average, 21% of COPD patients who are admitted to the hospital will be admitted again within 30 days of going home? You might be able to reduce those odds if you follow these 14 simple strategies for preventing repeat flare-ups. Participate in Pulmonary Rehab -  If you’re not already involved in a pulmonary rehabilitation program, find one that offers education along with exercise sessions to help you adjust to life wit