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This is part one of a three-part article. Click here for part 2: "Using Your Own Oximeter."  Click here for part 3: "Breathing Techniques." To read the entire article on PERF's main website, click here. By Mary Burns, RN, BS PERF Executive Vice President Summer vacations are upon us and some of you have expressed concerns about going to higher altitudes, either by flying, or by driving up to the mountains. You may remember that as you ascend
If you have COPD and live at a high altitude, such as in Denver, should you consider pulling up roots and moving somewhere closer to sea level? Will such a move help you avoid, or at least postpone, the need to use oxygen? The simple answer is yes. The lower the altitude, the richer the mix of oxygen in the air. A move from a high altitude to a significantly lower altitude will very likely lessen your need for an oxygen tank to deal with COPD. O