Singing With Shortness of Breath

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  1. sammy Jean says:

    I was wondering if it is possible to be a professional singer even though I have anemia?

    1. PERF says:

      Dear Sharon,

      You have an interesting question, but unfortunately one that is well beyond the scope of any quick response in an email. Your anemia could be a very simple problem or a very serious one. Ask your doctor to explain the numbers on your blood work that indicate you have anemia, along with possible causes and treatments. How soon you can professionally sing would depend on all these answers, but most important is how you evaluate your ability to sing.

      There are many causes of anemia and degrees of severity. Your red blood cells carry oxygen around your body. If there are too few of them, as in severe anemia, it can make you short of breath. Your treatment can vary from being put on iron pills, to transfusions, to other more involved treatments depending on the cause of your anemia. How soon the anemia improves also depends on the cause, the severity and the treatment needed.

      As you can see, your question needs to be discussed with your physician who has your complete history.

      If you feel, after talking to your doctor, you have other questions we can answer, feel free to write again.

      We wish you the best of luck!

      On behalf of PERF,

      Mary Burns, RN, BS
      Asst. Clinical Professor, School of Nursing, UCLA (ret)

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