Singing Despite COPD? No, Singing to HELP COPD

4 thoughts on “Singing Despite COPD? No, Singing to HELP COPD

  1. Anita says:

    How inspiring to know that those of us with COPD can sing our way to better breathing and have fun doing it! Mary, loved your story about the kazoo performance. I’m in the can’t carry a tune category and don’t even sing when I’m alone. After reading this post I’m going to give it a try but I’m buying a kazoo as backup.

    Kudos on reaching the $10,000 donation mark. Time to set a new goal.

    1. PERF says:

      We’re glad to know that this post has inspired you to try singing – or using a kazoo! And yes, we’re thrilled to have reached the $10,000 donation goal – and we thank you and all of the rest of our loyal supporters for making that possible.

  2. Heidi McCray says:

    I find singing can leave me short of breath. Most times by the time I get ready to sing the next verse, I am just catching my breath to sing the next verse but have to sing about the third word and then continue. It takes me that long to get my breath back. My problem may be because I have both COPD and Lupus. Tests show that my lungs are shrinking because I have trouble getting enough oxygen in. I do a lot of breathing excercises like pursed lip breathing. I also do one where I place my hand on my chest and abdomen. I breathe in and feel my chest take the breath in and when I breath out feel my abdomen rise. Both these help me. Love your articles. Keep sending them to me.

    1. PERF says:

      We’re glad to hear that the breathing exercises you’re doing are helping you. We hope they’ll help you keep on singing!

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