Perspectives in Pulmonary Medicine: A taped Interview with ALVAN L. BARACH, M.D.

Perspectives in Pulmonary Medicine: A taped Interview with ALVAN L. BARACH, M.D. by Thomas L. Petty, MD. (Breon Laboratories, 1976)

On the inside cover of the released recording by Breon Laboratories (1979) the following information is published about Dr. Barach and Dr. Petty. We hope that this unique recording will be listen to by many of our visitors, pulmonary doctors and care givers and will hear the conversation of these two giants of pulmonary medicine.

On this recording, Dr. Alvan L. Barach, as interviewed by Dr. Thomas L. Petty, shares his perspectives on pulmonary disease (from 1919 to 1976), and elaborates on his own experiences in this important filed of medicine.

It is an extremely interesting, timely, and warmly personal interview between one of the most important figures in the development of pulmonary disease research and a physician who figures in the forefront of this area today.


A Pioneer in Pulmonary Medicine

Actively participating in medicine for over 57 years, D. Alvan L. Barach is widely recognized as a pioneer in pulmonary disease and respiratory care. With a dedicated singleness of purpose, Dr. Barach made many of the revolutionary advances in early respiratory health care and in its progress to its present state.

A few of his many noteworthy accomplishments, for which he has received frequent awards and international renown are:

introduction and development of the oxygen tent for treatment of pneumonia and other respiratory conditions

initiation of helium gas for management of asthma and obstructive laryngeal tracheal lesions

original research on oxygen and helium for different types of dyspnea

early investigation of the clinical aspects of gas therapy

important work on the physiological aspects of hypoxemia with application to aviation medicine; hyperbaric chambers; heart disease; physical therapy; emphysema; and many other vital areas of pulmonary medicine.

In addition to his numerous other awards, Dr. Barach has received:

“Physician of the Year Award” (1975), from the American College of Chest Physicians

“Internist of Distinction Award” (1975), from the Society of Internal Medicine.


At the time of recording, Dr. Petty was Professor of Medicine and head of the Division of Pulmonary Medicine, University of Colorado, Denver.

He has published numerous articles on respiratory disease and subsequent diagnostic/therapeutic techniques, and has continued extensive research on new modes of management of the serious and long-time health problems of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. His work has earned him international, as well as, national recognition.