Preventing Panic When Short Of Breath

9 thoughts on “Preventing Panic When Short Of Breath

  1. C M Szerlip says:

    Good to know. I’m sleep apnea, not COPD, but this sounds very sensible and applicable. I’m one of Cris Brust’s from Harbor City long, long ago, and have kind of slid sideways into perf,


    Very Informative Indeed,and a Great Help to me,I am not up how to do email.Thankyou .

  3. Verneda McBroom says:

    I need to learn thi, I panic almost every time I get short of breath especially if I am out walking and not close to home in real cold ,hot or windy weather. It is so scary that I do not walk in these conditions unless I have no choice.

    1. PERF says:

      We are sorry to hear this, Verneda, and we hope that these tips may help you.

  4. Heidi McCray says:

    This was very informative. I have COPD and June 6,2017 I went from bad to worse in 20 minutes. I got to the point I had to call EMS as I was alone and breathing very heavy, became light headed. But I kept doing PLB. In the ambulance they had to give me 120 liters of oxygen , 1 1/2 albuterol treatments. The ER gave me another albuterol treatment, an IV of Thorazine.(about 10 min from arriving to ER I developed hiccups with every breath from my diaphram. It didn’t hurt but was annoying). They did blood tests, chest X-ray and the dreaded Blood Gas Test. Gave me 50 mg of Prednisone and sent me home after 6 hours with prescription for Prednisone 5 day supply with first dose 50mg tapering down to 10 mg. I have been doing online research about COPD . July 6,2017 ANA and other blood tests confirm I also now have LUPUS. Do you publish information on that also? I believe in being proactive in all my health care. I research, question my doctor, excercise, stick to medicine routine. I get very fatigued easily. Lots of rib to rib pain, back pain and chest pain, red rash on cheeks, forehead, chest and back of neck . I itch a lot including my scalp. The LUPUS part is new to me so researching. The COPD was discovered Feb 2017 after having pneumonia in Sept and October. But the coughing and short breath and all that is part of COPD lasted from Sept to the 2nd week of Feb. please let me know information you might publish regarding LUPUS itself or in conjunction with COPD. Thank you for the newsletter it is a great aide.

    1. PERF says:

      Dear Heidi – We are sorry to hear of all that you’ve been through, but we’re glad that you’re seeking medical help when it is needed – and also that you were able to use Pursed-Lip Breathing to help you through your crisis until the ambulance arrived. Unfortunately, we do not write articles about lupus. You might consult the National Resource Center on Lupus, a website by the Lupus Foundation of America.

      1. Heidi McCray says:

        Thank you for the Lupus link. I will check it out. Will keep looking on PERF for information on my COPD. Great newsletter and informative tools I can use. Keep the articles coming!

        1. PERF says:

          Thank you, Heidi – We certainly will!

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