My Clinical Trial – A COPD Patient’s Story

2 thoughts on “My Clinical Trial – A COPD Patient’s Story

  1. Jay says:

    I’m curious about the data that goes with the statements of “walking improved by a factor of two” and “muscle strength improved significantly”. What do those mean? Did you go from walking 5 min/day to 10 min or 5 miles to 10 miles? Did your strength go from lifting 2 pounds to 6 pounds or are you benching your body weight? Can you provide the data that supports this article?

    1. PERFadminAVB says:

      Thanks for asking, Jay. Here is the information from the patient who wrote the article:

      Leg Press
      280 lbs to 331 lbs (18% incr.)

      Leg Curl
      217 lbs to 322 lbs (48% incr.)

      Arm Press
      80 lbs to 105 lbs (31%incr.)

      Endurance Shuttle Walk Test
      2.5 minutes to 7.0 minutes (176% incr.)

      6 Minute Walk Distance
      1700 feet to 1900 feet (12% incr.)

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