If You Have Asthma, You May Have a Higher Risk of Shingles

5 thoughts on “If You Have Asthma, You May Have a Higher Risk of Shingles

  1. Dustin says:

    The information is very interesting and helpful for clinical observation.

    1. PERFadminAVB says:

      We’re very glad that you’ve found our article useful. Thank you for writing in.

  2. valeria says:

    why are the immunizations so expensive for those under 65. i am a 56 year old woman with pulmonary fibrosis with a compromised immune system. i have had the chicken pox in the past. i have been desaparately trying to acquire an immunization through my insurance but they won’t cover it because i am under 65. for me to pay for it will cost me in excess of $200.00. have you any other suggestions that might assist me. thank you.

    1. PERFadminAVB says:

      Thank you for writing in, Valeria. Dr. Brian Tiep, Director of Pulmonary Rehabilitation, City of Hope National Medical Center, offers this:

      Here is a website that may be helpful or enlightening – http://health.costhelper.com/shingles-vaccine.html. Generally but not always, Costco has best prices.

      Hope this helps,

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