How Does Medicare Cover Lung Transplants?

4 thoughts on “How Does Medicare Cover Lung Transplants?

  1. Frank Velasco says:

    In many other countries I believe this type of procedure is fully covered. We need a single payer system soon as possible!

    1. PERF says:

      Dear Frank,

      As you know, the one payer system in this country has become a highly politicized issue that will take time to resolve. Like others on our board I have traveled to many countries around the world. Many countries seem to successfully use the one payer system. Their one payer systems are usually for basic healthcare. Some countries have an additional option of purchasing a supplemental policy, much like we have for Medicare. This allows coverage for those that wish to be seen sooner, or to see the physician of their choice. It also can provide coverage of more optional conditions such as cosmetic surgery. Those governments monitor the prices that may be charged for these supplemental plans as well as the cost of medications. Many people in the United States object to what they consider government interference. It appears it will take some time before these differences can be resolved.

      ~ Mary Burns, RN, BS
      (Ret) Assistant Clinical Professor, School of Nursing, UCLA

    2. PERF says:

      Dear Mr. Velasco,

      You won’t find me disagreeing that our health care coverage in the United States is highly inefficient. It is very expensive, yet provides levels of care well below those of a number of countries. I’ve traveled in Europe and gotten to know senior physicians in these countries. Their systems seem to work a good deal better than ours.

      Thanks for your comment.

      ~ Richard Casaburi, PhD, MD
      President, PERF

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