Higher Temperatures Can Worsen Symptoms for COPD Patients

While summer may be officially ending, high temperatures may be destined to continue for a while in your area. This could mean continuing challenges for managing your COPD. A Johns Hopkins University study, presented at the 2015 American Thoracic Society’s International Conference, revealed that higher temperatures can cause negative health issues for COPD patients, while cooler temperatures may benefit them.

Those who suffer from COPD could reap significant health benefits – beyond simply feeling more comfortable – by staying cool during high-temperature days. The study found that COPD patients who were exposed to warm indoor temperatures experienced lung function decline and an increased severity of COPD symptoms, resulting in an increased use of rescue medications and higher disease-related morbidity.

The findings of this study could have major implications on how to treat those with COPD who live in high-temperature climates, or anywhere during the summer months. Says Meredith McCormack, the study’s lead author, “Understanding the effect of heat on susceptible populations is increasingly important in order to anticipate and prepare for health effects related to climate change.”

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