Help PERF Beat COPD this COPD Awareness Month

COPD Awareness Month

by Harry Rossiter Ph.D. and Anita Gash

Since our founding in 1984, PERF has demonstrated the power of partnership among community and research leaders to improve the lives of those with COPD. You can read about some of our accomplishments here.  

We must continue to make great strides to improve the quality of life for those with chronic lung disease or breathing difficulties. We’re calling for your action during COPD awareness month. Help PERF raise funds to support our educational and research programs.

PERF Supports Education

Over the past 12 months, more than 100,000 people have used PERF’s website to learn more about their disease, find out what they might do to relieve their symptoms, and have their questions answered by our Directors. People search for all sorts of things, from the most popular, such as “How to Increased Blood Oxygen Levels”, “Alcohol and COPD” or “Is It Worth Moving to a Different Altitude to Relieve the Symptoms of COPD?”, to the unexpected, such as “Sex Despite Breathing Problems”. 

PERF is fortunate to have world-renowned pulmonary researchers and physicians, who donate their time to PERF to write and curate our articles and blogs. Running an active website, however, still comes at a cost. Your donation during COPD awareness month helps us spread the word about important topics that affect so many people around the world.

PERF Supports Research

More than 16 million people in the USA suffer from COPD, and it is thought that about the same number again have undiagnosed and untreated COPD. PERF’s support over the past 12 months has helped provide pulmonary health screenings and lung function tests for hundreds of patients at the Lundquist Institute in Los Angeles. Over half of these came from minority or underserved communities.

It costs $50 to provide a pulmonary health check-up, $35 of which goes to the patient. Please give here, and help us to provide pulmonary health check-ups to provide earlier diagnosis and treatment for those with this serious and progressive medical condition.

No Donation Is Too Small During COPD Awareness Month

Your donations are fully tax-deductible and will be gratefully acknowledged in writing.


PERF uses PayPal, but you don’t need a PayPal account. Simply enter your credit card. Take a look at our donate page.

Or mail your contribution to:

The Pulmonary Education and Research Foundation (PERF)

P.O. Box 1133

Lomita, CA 90717-5133

Be sure to include any contact information that will be needed.


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