Did you ever wonder if those community-based exercise programs actually did much good for the people who participated? You know, programs like chair exercise and water exercise classes. For those observing from the outside, it may seem as though the activity in such classes is so minimal as to provide little to no benefit to the men and women sitting in chairs and lifting small hand weights, or standing in the water moving their limbs. Not so.
By Kathy Sietsema, MD This information was obtained at a lecture delivered in 2002 to the California Society of Pulmonary Rehabilitation (CSPR) by Kathy Sietsema, MD, Professor of Medicine at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. Peripheral arterial disease, (PAD), is included under the more general heading of peripheral vascular disease, or PVD. Plaques in the arteries of the legs decrease blood flow as the arteries become narrowed or blocked. This is t
Many years ago, it was found that pulmonary rehabilitation is the most effective form of treatment for COPD and many other pulmonary diseases. Watch this series of six videos filmed in 1994 to hear from pioneers in the field of pulmonary rehabilitation: Thomas L. Petty, MD; Richard Casaburi, PhD, MD; Mary Burns, RN, BS; Brenda Crowe, CRTT; Julie Messa, MS; and Karen M. Kelly, MD, and to learn about how pulmonary rehabilitation has helped patients