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If you snore, you could have obstructive sleep apnea, and you should mention this to your doctor. Not everyone who snores has sleep apnea, but if your doctor recommends a sleep study, please take it seriously and follow through. Why? Because sleep apnea is not only unhealthy, it’s downright dangerous. In obstructive sleep apnea, breathing repeatedly stops and starts during sleep. This reduces the oxygen that your brain receives and increases le
How to Dodge the Flu While You're Flying [VIDEO] We’re about to enter that perfect confluence of seasons that put you at risk of contracting the flu: holiday & travel season, and the flu season itself. Getting this season’s flu shot is important and should be at the top of your list. After you’ve done that, though, you can take other precautions to minimize your chances of being exposed to the influenza virus, especially if you’
We all know that stress is not good for you. Separate from the psychological effects, stress can damage your physical health. How, and why? What Your Body Does In Response to Stress The body is built to react to stress for its own protection, so if (in ancient times) a predator was after you, or if (in modern times) a car is about to run you over, your body goes into high-stress mode and engages physiological changes that enables you to escape
Everyone needs to ingest a certain amount of sodium for the healthy functions of the body, but too much can be bad for your health, especially if you have high blood pressure. Luckily, it’s grilling season; a perfect time to try all kinds of herbs and spices to liven up your food. Herbs and Spices to Try Here is a list of herbs and spices that can add a lot of flavor to your food, along with suggested uses for them: Basil Sweet basil is
Only last October, we published two articles to help those suffering from lung disease who lived in one of the many wildfire areas that were burning throughout California. Unfortunately, those articles bear repeating here, because fires are raging once again throughout the state. So to protect your lungs and avoid unnecessary exacerbations if you live anywhere near a fire, please read on: The best protection, of course, is to leave the area if