Be alert to the early warning signs of a COPD flare-up - increased fatigue, increased sputum and increased cough. Sometimes these symptoms are caused by infections, but it’s just as likely that they’re brought on by other causes, including in some cases an autoimmune component. At any rate, there are things you can do to prevent or minimize these episodes. An extremely important treatment for COPD is pulmonary rehabilitation, which significa
Most diseases are closed within your body, so to speak, so there are treatments you can receive and healthy lifestyle changes you can make, but what you do day-to-day and where you go won’t have much effect on the course of things. COPD is different, because it’s a disease of the lungs, and the lungs are directly connected to the outside environment. In addition to adopting healthy living habits and following the treatment plan that your doct
What is COPD, what often causes the disease, and how can one best cope with it once diagnosed? Carla Sanders recently answered these questions in a series of concise articles on COPD, “Life Strategies – Fighting for Breath,” published in the Senior Solutions & Health section of the Daily Breeze last February 15. She quotes Dr. Zab Mosenifar, Executive Vice-Chair of Medicine and Co-Medical Director of Women’s Guild Lung Institute at C
JUNE 2015 Here is a roundup of the articles, news & updates that we've published on the PERF blog site during the past month. Click on the "Read More" link at the bottom of each excerpt to read the full article. [column-group][column] Leonard Nimoy Still A Force – for COPD Awareness and Treatment Leonard Nimoy still lives on as a force for the improvement of outcomes for COPD patients; his daughter Julie Nimoy is developing a documentary
According to a recent article in Medscape, a new drug has cleared the final hurdles for FDA approval and is now available for treatment of patients with COPD: Stiolto Respimat (Boehringer Ingelheim). This once-daily oral inhalation spray combines tiotropium and olodaterol. Olodaterol is a long-acting beta-agonist that improves airflow within 5 minutes. Tiotropium is a long-acting anticolinergic. It should be noted that Stiolto Respimat does not