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22 Jun

Stay Active to Strengthen Your Immune System During COVID-19

Even before COVID-19, lower respiratory tract infection (pneumonia) was the most common cause of death by a communicable disease, accounting…

09 Jun

Maintaining Emotional Well-Being is Possible During COVID-19

These are challenging times. We feel isolated if we are doing the right thing by maintaining our distance to avoid…

03 Jun

Brian L. Tiep, M.D., Our Renaissance Man, is Honored

I’m pleased to report that PERF board member, Brian Tiep M.D., has been awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the…

28 May

Alvin Grancell at 101: An Appreciation

How many of us can point to a life’s achievement, a distinct accomplishment that has really made a difference? Our…

19 May

Coronavirus Information for the COPD Community

Members of the PERF Board are carefully monitoring the outbreak of novel coronavirus causing coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Some board…

14 May

The risk for COVID-19 associated pneumonia in those with underlying chronic lung disease

The COVID-19 pandemic is a truly global crisis that has touched every one of us in one way or another.…

07 May

Some Covid-19 Myths and the Need for Research to find Answers

Humans are hardwired to resolve uncertainty. We seek answers to life’s burning questions.

23 Apr

Staying Active During Safer-at-Home

In these generation-defining days, we all find ourselves at home, inactive, in front of the computer or TV, tentative to…

08 Apr

Better Six Feet Apart than Six Feet Under

The COVID-19 crisis has left many of us scouring our screens for information. We can attest to this because website…