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26 Sep

How to Dodge the Flu While You’re Flying [VIDEO]

How to Dodge the Flu While You’re Flying [VIDEO] We’re about to enter that perfect confluence of seasons that put…

04 Aug

Altitude, Oxygen Levels and Oximetry

This is part one of a three-part article. Click here for part 2: “Using Your Own Oximeter.”  Click here for…

07 Jan

Oxygen Safety – What You Need to Know

Oxygen provides tremendous benefits for you as a COPD patient, but oxygen tanks can also be dangerous. Keep these safety…

31 Dec

You’ve Been Prescribed Oxygen. Great. Now How Do You Deal With It?

You’ve been prescribed oxygen, and your brain tells you that it’s good for you, but maybe your ego tells you…

17 Dec

What to Know When Traveling With Portable Oxygen

The TSA will not allow you to travel with either compressed gas tanks or with liquid oxygen supplies.  The only…

10 Dec

Flying Over the Holidays? You May Need Supplemental Oxygen

You probably already know that, if you travel by airplane, you’ll experience some decrease in air pressure and lower than…

18 Jun

Is It Worth Moving to a Different Altitude to Relieve the Symptoms of COPD?

If you have COPD and live at a high altitude, such as in Denver, should you consider pulling up roots…