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03 Dec

Depression: A Personal Reflection

I am a pulmonologist (lung doctor) specializing in pulmonary rehabilitation who has been asked to write a blog about depression.…

copd and mental health 22 Oct

COPD and Mental Health During COVID-19

The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has caused many to experience negative emotions, affecting general health and well-being. For those with chronic illnesses,…

10 Sep

COVID-19 CDC July Updates for People with Underlying Medical Conditions

Developments with COVID-19 continue to be rapid and often unexpected. Some regions in the world that had originally been successful…

09 Jun

Maintaining Emotional Well-Being is Possible During COVID-19

These are challenging times. We feel isolated if we are doing the right thing by maintaining our distance to avoid…

23 Apr

Staying Active During Safer-at-Home

In these generation-defining days, we all find ourselves at home, inactive, in front of the computer or TV, tentative to…

26 Mar

Coping with Isolation During COVID-19: Resources for Those with Lung Disease

For those already living with lung diseases like asthma, COPD or emphysema, keeping ahead of the novel corona virus is…

19 Sep

Eat, Play, Sleep – Stress Management Is Essential For Your Health

We all know that stress is not good for you. Separate from the psychological effects, stress can damage your physical…

01 Jun

Preventing Panic When Short Of Breath

By Mary Burns, RN, BS Asst. Clinical Professor, School of Nursing, UCLA (ret) Executive Vice President, PERF THE IMPORTANCE OF…

05 Jan

6 Stress Management Techniques for COPD Sufferers

As if it wasn’t enough that you have COPD, here’s another thing to deal with: an extra level of stress.…