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19 Jul

Avoid Allergy Triggers; They Can Worsen Your Lung Condition

You can’t prevent flowers from blooming, but if you have allergies, you’d probably love to be able to do just…

22 Mar

Zinc and Echinacea – Good For Your Cold?

Zinc and Cold Symptoms In an article on the Mayo Clinic website, Brent A. Bauer, M.D. discusses whether zinc will…

15 Mar

Did You Know the Flu Can Trigger an Asthma Attack?

As if the flu weren’t bad enough, did you know that it also can pose an extra danger for those…

18 Jan

Many Patients with Asthma Are Failing to Get the Pneumococcal Vaccine

Several years ago, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated its recommendation for use of the pneumococcal vaccine…

16 Nov

What You Can Do to Control Your Asthma

Many people believe that only children have asthma, or that if you have asthma, you eventually outgrow it. But that’s…

09 Nov

Are Your “Regular Colds” Really Allergies?

Do you have a cold right now? Did you have one last fall? Think back over the times that you…

26 Oct

Substances and Activities That Can Trigger COPD Flare-ups: A Survey

Patients and their medical care providers have known for some time that environmental factors can trigger a COPD flare-up, but…

22 Jun

Yes, You Can (And Should) Exercise With Asthma

It’s a conundrum: Exercise is good for you. You should exercise to maintain your health. But exercise is a common…

15 Jun

Tried and True Techniques to Relieve Seasonal Allergy Symptoms

If you suffer from allergies, your symptoms can become more than just annoying; they can exacerbate the breathing difficulties that…