cold or allergy
  How do you know if you what you’re feeling is a cold or allergy symptoms? A cold is caused by a virus while an allergy is an immune system reaction. Both cause discomfort and affect the respiratory system through the lungs, nose, and throat. However, a cold virus and an airborne allergen can cause different symptoms. What are the symptoms of a cold and how do I treat it? The cause of the common cold is a virus. Unfortunately, a comm
Two new studies are gearing up at LA BioMed for IPF patients to begin mid-2019. “There are some small hints in the scientific literature that exercise training, as part of a pulmonary rehabilitation program, might help to slow the rapid decline in lung function seen in some IPF patients.” - Principal Investigator, Dr. Harry Rossiter. PERF board members, Dr. William Stringer and Dr. Harry Rossiter hope to identify whether reducing inflammati
How to Sleep Better
How to Sleep Better: 5 Tips for Better Sleep When You Have Respiratory Problems About one third of our lives are spent in sleep, yet it is a subject rarely addressed by physicians during an annual visit. Moreover, those with respiratory problems often have even more problems with sleep than the general public. Several years ago, we did a sleep study on every patient who went through our six-week pulmonary rehabilitation program both before and a
pulmonary rehabilitation awareness week
National Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week National Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week serves as an opportunity to celebrate the success of Pulmonary Rehabilitation, raise awareness of the benefits it provides to patients with lung disease and to thank all those who are play a role in COPD treatment and research. Pulmonary Rehabilitation is the process by which people who are disabled with lung disease are able to return to a more active and enjoyable li
foods to eat with COPD
Are there specific foods to eat with COPD? What you eat has a big impact on your overall health. No, there aren’t special foods to eat with COPD or a special diet for lung disease, as we have often been asked, but anything that maintains your weight and health is very important. When you weigh too much, that extra weight you have to carry around all day long can make you more fatigued and shorter of breath, so you tend to avoid exercise, which