The American Lung Association Is An Excellent Resource For Those With COPD

The American Lung Association is a good resource for support and education about COPD. It’s worth checking out their website to learn how much information they share and options they offer.  This can help you get involved with activities and online communities that can help you cope with COPD in your life.

For example, you can find listings of Better Breathers Clubs, which meet regularly and feature speakers on a variety of subjects such as  breathing techniques, how to talk with your physician about your concerns, using supplemental oxygen, and options in home healthcare.

You can also use their online tool to develop a COPD management plan. This is a 3-in-1 personal tool to use in conjunction with your doctor to make a plan regarding how and when to take your medicines, when to call your healthcare provider and when to get emergency care. A management plan also helps you track how you’re doing. Click here to download your own COPD Management Plan.

The American Lung Association also hosts an online discussion and support community, “Living With COPD” which is open to anyone. Click here to join.



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