• Waiting Patiently
  • September 1999
    PEP Pioneers
    Second Wind
    Torrance, California
  • Dear Friends

    As a confirmed type A personality, I am always on time or early. I find myself waiting a lot on people who are not so time conscious. These are the people that get to the plane at the last minute, or the ones who come late to meeting places, conferences, and dinners.

    I have always wondered how much time I waste by always being on time or early for meetings. But then I wonder what else would I have done with the time I wasted while waiting? If I could add up all these minutes, I might accumulate enough time to go fishing another day.

    I have never been known for my patience, except when I am fishing. Here is when I wait endlessly for the fish to take my fly or lure. I pause with each cast and hope for action. Now when I am forced to wait, I try to relax and dream that I am fishing!

    I will be in touch next month.

    Your friend,
  • Thomas Petty, MD