• Triple Jeopardy
  • May 2003
    PEP Pioneers
    Second Wind
    Torrance, California
  • Dear Friends

    There is a concept in law called double jeopardy. Double jeopardy means that a person cannot be tried for the same crime twice. This may work in law, but it doesn't in medicine. Many times we need to revisit the same problem over and over again. Unfortunately, this is the case with me. On May 13th, I will have my third open heart surgery!

    I had my first heart operation urgently performed in February of 1992, just after Valentine's Day. I needed a three-vessel bypass. I developed angina in the Frankfurt Airport, returning to Denver from Barcelona. An angiogram of my heart showed severe narrowing of three vessels. I recovered from this only to find out that I had severe leakage of the mitral valve between the left upper chambers and lower. In June 1998, I had a valve repair rather than a replacement because the surgeon felt that a repair would be preferable. However, now it is broken down and I now need a valve replacement because of severe leakage and compromise of my heart future.

    I will have this on May 13th at St. Mary's Hospital in Rochester, Minnesota in the Mayo Clinic Program. I am very confident that my surgeon will be able to do a good job and hopefully I will be able to get back on my feet and continue these letters. I'll appreciate your care and concern, and your prayers would be more than welcome. I will be in touch next month.

    Your friend,
  • Thomas Petty, MD