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  • Question for shortness of breath (SOB)
  • Sandy writes:
    I just looked at your article entitled "The Importance of Proper Breathing Techniques". I have a particular symptom with my breathing. I will be breathing normally, and then it is as if my lungs all of a sudden fill with air, as if I were doing a deep breathing exercise. What is strange is that it is involuntary on my part. It feels as if my lungs are filling themselves with air quickly and all of a sudden. It does not hurt, but just startles me. Do you know what this could be? I would appreciate anything you would like to share with me. Thank you so much.
  • Dear Sandy,
    If you never took a deep breath, some areas of your lungs would not expand properly and could collapse. A periodic deep "sigh" is normal and helps keep your alveoli (little air sacs) open. Usually this is done without even being aware of it. You might be particularly sensitive to the sensation associated with this need to "sigh" periodically. The respiratory system is unique in that we do have some control over a system that becomes automatic while we sleep or when we are unconscious. As you know, when people become very nervous they sometimes take a deep breath. Or they may hyperventilate (breathe too fast) to the extent that they can even faint. At that point, their respiratory system becomes automatic, they breathe normally, and wake up again. Watching your breathing patterns may give you a clue as to what is going on. You are with yourself 24 hours a day while the doctor only sees you for 15 minutes or even less. The more information that you can provide, the easier it is for your physician to diagnose what is going on. There is no way that we can give you an accurate diagnosis here, so you should, of course, discuss this with your physician. Good luck and let us know what he has to say.

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  • Don't miss the information filled October issue of the Second Wind. Rich Casaburi, Janos Porszasz, Brian Tiep and Mary Burns will all be back from Sweden. They are now at the European Respiratory Society Annual Congress in Stockholm where they are attending (and presenting) sessions on what is new in pulmonary rehabilitation and COPD. The group will also be at Uppsala University for several days where they will happily join again with Margareta Emtner, PT, PHD and her colleagues. While they will present some sessions on pulmonary rehab and care of the COPD patient in America, they hope to exchange ideas with their Swedish counterparts. It should be a learning experience for all. They look forward to it and we hope it will benefit all of you also, when we present the highlights next month.
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