• PERF is awarded by the American College of Chest Physicians
  • We are proud to share this letter, and announcement, from our PERF President, Richard Casaburi, PhD, MD.
  • Dear Friends,
  • I have received a very nice letter from the American College of Chest Physicians. Several months ago I completed an application on behalf of PERF for an award program the College supports. This Governors Community Service Award program annually makes cash awards to support worthwhile community service projects.
  • This year, 105 applications were received and 22 awards were made. I'm pleased to report that our application was among the successful ones. After completing a couple of forms, PERF will be awarded a check in the amount of $5000. In the application, I stressed the educational mission of PERF. Of course, the main focus was the Second Wind and Dr. Janos Porszasz' efforts in creating our excellent website. The award carries no restrictions and will be put in the PERF general fund. There are some upgrades to our capabilities as regards our educational mission and our website needs that we will consider. We've had a fair amount of recognition for our accomplishments in research lately. It is nice to see that the excellence of our work in education is acknowledged as well. I can't tell you the pleasure I've had being associated with this organization!
  • Best regards.
    Rich Casaburi

  • Receiving an award of $5,000 is very important for such a small foundation as PERF, which operates on a shoestring. The recognition of our efforts from a prestigious organization such as the American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP) is just as important to us. Our request, made on the basis of value, was in competition with many far better known, funded, and professionally staffed operations. It is nice to know that the work of our volunteer staff is so highly regarded. Those of us putting so much time and effort into the Pulmonary Education and Research Foundation are honored, and inspired, to continue forward. Dr. Brian Tiep will officially receive the reward in our behalf at the next meeting of ACCP this October in Orlando, Florida. We are honored, and again thank the American College of Chest Physicians for their recognition and for this prestigious award.

  • IMPORTANT: Please note that our new email address is perf@perf2ndwind.org.