• COPD is the 4th leading cause of death around the world and the only one which continues to rise rather than decline. Fifteen to 20 million Americans have COPD! Yet it receives the least research money of any of the major diseases and far less than HIV, which gets the most research money, in spite of afflicting far fewer people in the United States. We also need more financial support and more outspoken advocates in fighting this disease. All of us thank those of you who give so generously to this neglected condition.
  • Here is our roll of honor to date. It will continue to be updated as more of you continue to join us, or to make additional contributions.
  • Founding Members
    Alvin Grancell Mary Burns
    Sustaining Members
    Fred Burdette Richard Casaburi, PhD, MD Thomas L. Petty, MD
    Marjorie Dickenson Billie Gaynor The Margaret Gray Memorial
    Emily Hansen Keven Hettich Little Company of Mary Sisters
    Reta Long Edmund Roth The Mary Nicolas Lynch Memorial
    Long Beach 500
    Robert Chang, MD John & Alice Moore Jeanne Rife
    Thomas Storer, PhD Amy Walker Womens Fellowship of Neighborhood Church
    The Robert McDonald Memorial Eli Lilly & Co. Salter Labs.
    Chad Therapeutics, Inc Pharmacia & Upjohn Metro-Med

  • Mary Burns and Rich Casaburi also donated, to this special cause,
  • the recent generous honorariums they received from the Teijin Company of Japan.
  • And speaking of Teijin, after the ATS conference in San Francisco several Japanese pulmonologists and representatives of Teijin, a company that supplies most of the oxygen in Japan, came to Torrance. Mary had the privilege of hosting them as they visited the area. Japan is committed to improving their oxygen service and the pulmonary rehab that they offer their patients.