• News
  • PERF would like to thank Richard H. O'Hara & Co, Certified Public Accountants of Placentia, CA for waiving all fees for our accounting services and for our non-profit tax returns.
  • Dr. Richard Casaburi wrote the following letter to thank the PEP Pioneers of Little Company of Mary Hospital in Torrance, California for a donation they presented to him recently when he was their invited speaker.

    " I was touched and humbled by the generosity the PEP Pioneers displayed in making a contribution to the Chair in the Rehabilitative Sciences at Harbor-UCLA Research and Education Institute. As you know, I am the current occupant of the Chair, but the Chair is structured to support in perpetuity the work of scientists dedicated to studying ways to improve the lives of people with chronic lung disease. PEP and I go a long way back. My first research studies in pulmonary rehabilitation would not have been possible without this group. I have always been proud of my Honorary Member status. It was a genuine pleasure to be the featured speaker at a recent PEP Pioneer meeting. I very much enjoyed the nice reception my talk on new advances in treatment of COPD received." signed by Rich Casaburi
  • Kevin Hettich, Carson City, NV, made yet another generous donation to the Grancell-Burns Chair of Rehabilitative Sciences. Thank you, Kevin!
  • James Lynch also made another donation to the Chair in memory of Myrtle O. Rohko, while Jeanne Rife made one in memory of Ralph Williams.
  • We Got Mail
  • Kevin Hettich of Carson City, NV tells us that his oximeter has given him the freedom to be more active without worry. He can track his oxygen levels at various levels of activity and altitude and, with the permission of his physician, increase his oxygen flow to maintain his prescribed 93% saturation and so stay active even at 5,000 feet, and above, in the Carson City area.
  • Andy of Monticeto, CA asks, "What is COPD? " COPD stands for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. (Sometimes called COLD for chronic obstructive lung disease, and occasionally called COAD for chronic obstructive airways disease) It is an airflow obstruction caused by diseases such as emphysema, chronic bronchitis, asthmatic bronchitis, and bronchiectasis or some combination of these problems. This is a good question. If you are interested, we can devote more time to the description of these diseases in future editions of the Second Wind.

  • Do you have a question about respiratory disease that has been bothering you? If so, feel free to write and ask us, either through our web site or by mail. We answer all of your letters.