• Donations
  • PERF received many donations over the holidays, which we appreciate, and gratefully acknowledge.
  • Mary was especially honored by the donations made to PERF in her honor by Tetsuji Watanabe of Tiejin in Japan, and by Dick and Ann Wentink. The beautiful notes enclosed were, if possible, even more appreciated. Donald Butler made a donation in honor of both Mary Burns and Dr. Rich Casaburi.

    Donations for the Chair were made by John Boynton, James Lynch, Nancy Moore, Sharon Foster, Jack Stevens, Malvin & Mary Fosse, and Jane Martin, RRT.

    Donations to PERF were also received from Adelaide Harrington, Zina Stagnaro, Joe Brandon, John Moore, Rosemary Pankey, Susan Hesser, Rhodo Jean Kelley, Bill & Kathleen Beckley, Harry Hruzek, Reta Long, Wm. & Lucinda Wright, Wayne Chinen, Yasuo & Emiko Masunaka, Sam & Vickey Praw, Carol Smith, Dr. Bob Fallat, Buckley & Thelma Walsh, Bonny Steele, RN, PhD and, most especially, to Chris Garvey, RN, MPH, NP and her group from Seton Medical Center in Daly City, CA.

    Very special thanks to Hal Lichterman, Kevin & Judy Hettich and Kathleen & Frank Norulak!

    Memorial gifts were received from Carol Longo for Vince, Lillian Cane for Dr. Stanley Cane, Alvin Hughes for Dean O'Donahue, Gina Benoit for George Benoit, Rubye Richey for George, Jo Dutcher for Kenneth Dutcher, and Louis Rollino for Dorothy, Norma Burns for Gale Baker, as well as Gael O'Reilly in honor of Kathleen Williams. We at PEP also share special memories of some of these dear friends.

    We know times are difficult financially for many of you. We appreciate your great generosity. We also appreciate the notes from those of you unable to contribute, but who let us know that you enjoy the Second Wind. We are pleased to continue sending the newsletter to you.

  • Do you have a question about respiratory disease that has been bothering you? If so, feel free to write and ask us, either through our web site or by mail. We answer all of your letters.