• New Year's Resolutions. Did you make any? Have you kept any that you made? If we took a survey, there is no doubt that high on every-one's "do list" would be "EXERCISE MORE". One person who has man-aged to increase his exercise capacity dramatically since the first of the year is a regular correspondent, Ron Peter-son. How did Ron do it? Well, he had a little outside help. In fact, he had a lot of help!. Ron started the New Year with a new lung. Ron sent frequent reports on what he was doing to maintain his exercise, but never any complaints despite the fact that his pulmonary function tests showed his FEV1 was only 10% of predicted. You don't have to be a pulmonologist to figure out that's not very good. Since his lung transplant he is back up to 45% of predicted, and he can again talk and walk at the same time. Knowing Ron, that's pretty important! He used to start his meals with the desert. Why? Because he was too short of breath to eat cake if he ate potatoes first! The first day after Ron's surgery he was walked every 6 hours, but got evicted from ICU be-cause he kept hounding the staff to walk him more. That's our Ron! No wonder he broke all records in recuperating.
  • We could go on for pages, but if you want to read more, go to www.ronpeterson.org. I think Ron will convince you of the benefits of exercise. (Note from the WEBMASTER - 10/14/2002: The WEB Address of Ron is not valid any more ).
  • Memorial donations
  • have been received from Toni Groveman in memory of her mother Jeanette Hamblin, Georgia Cline in memory of Andy, Gena Benoit in memory of George, Jo Dutcher in memory of Kennet, and Reta Long in memory of Jack Bauman.
  • Who said a nurse is without honor in her own home town? Mary Burns was deeply touched to receive the following letter and donation for the Chair.
  • My Pulmonary support Group at Hospital for Special Care in New Britain, Connecticut (Mary Burns' home-town!) recently held its annual holiday celebration. The group had previously decided that they wished this year's freewill collection to be do-nated to the Alvin Grancell/Mary Burns Pulmonary Rehabilitation Chair. I have known Mary through-out the years and her encouragement and support have been invaluable in the expansion of my facility's Pulmonary Rehabilitation Continuum of Care. She even "squeezed" in a visit to my hospital during a recent trip back East. Dr. Casaburi's work has caused us to rethink our views on exercise training in people with severe lung disease. We now offer a three-times-a-week exercise program ($1 cost per week to participants) and have seen a very significant increase in strength, endurance and quality of life (as well as decreased hospitalization days) in our 2 _ year history. These individuals (with FEV1s of 9-29% of predicted!) now do 15-35 minutes on the treadmill, 15-30 minutes on a stationary bike, and stretching and toning exercises! Thanks Mary and Dr. Casaburi! My group also salutes Mr. Grancell for his vision and backing of this much-needed project.
  • Please accept our donation of $500.00 towards this worthy cause.
  • Sincerely,
    Janet B. Bowen, BA CRT
    Pulmonary Rehabilitation Continuum of Care Coordinator/Pulmonary Medicine Research Facilitator
  • Our thanks to YOU, Janet, AND to your wonderful group. We appreciate your donation, and even more we appreciate your support Thank you from all of us, especially Mary, for joining in our crusade to help those with pulmonary disease.