• Did you think that your April newsletter got lost in the mail? Sorry about that, folks, but your editor has been down with a nasty flu for several weeks. This has resulted in a delay of deadlines and postponement of plans which no amount of chicken soup seemed to help. Did I get the flu vaccine? You bet. Will I get it again next year? I sure will. The vaccine doesn't protect you against every virus out there, and doesn't even guarantee 100% immunity against the designer bug of the year, but it is still more than worth the discomfort of that little injection. So, with that in mind, may I sincerely wish that all of you, our readers, are free of Spring bugs and adverse reactions to the plentitude of pollens floating around those Spring flowers! Bless you and Gesundheit!
  • Are you ready to Rally for Research? This all day fund raiser for the Alvin Grancell-Mary Burns Chair in Rehabilitative Sciences will take place June 22nd at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center. It promises to be the day of the decade for those with pulmonary disease. This is your chance to meet and greet the some of the biggest names in the field. Dr. Tom Petty, Dr. Rich Casaburi, Dr. Brian Tiep, Dr. Paul Selecky and Dr Andy Ries will travel to Long Beach to join hosting pulmonologists Drs. Jeff Riker and George Huthsteiner II. The admission price of $15 includes lunch, "The Long Beach 500", door prizes, entertainment, "Ask the Doc", vendor displays as well as the latest updates on what is new in the field by these internationally renowned experts.
  • Are you are a vendor interested in displaying your product to the 350 participants expected at this event? Are you are a health care professional interested in having your group join the others from Southern California who are planning to attend? Or are you just interested in more information? If so call (310) 539-8390 or (877) 280-2777 for details. Because of our famous speakers, this is sure to be a capacity crowd. Warning! Fire laws strictly limit the number of people that can be accommodated. Get your reservations in early, to avoid missing this special Rally.
  • Remember, that one of the purposes of this event is to raise money for the Chair. The physicians involved will donate their honorariums. The $500 participation fee for vendors will also go to this worthy cause.
  • Would you like to do more? Dr. Tom Petty invites you to join him by also donating $500 in your name, or as a memorial, in support of this project. Such tax deductible donations will be honored in perpetuity by a plaque, inscribed with the names of the donors, in the Rehabilitation Clinical Trials Center at Harbor-UCLA. Tom Petty, Rich Casaburi, Mary Burns and Jeanne Rife have already sent in their checks for this cause, your cause, in which they believe so strongly. Won't you join them, and support future research into the rehabilitation of those with pulmonary disease?
  • A very generous bequest from the estate of Margaret Gray has been made in memory of her husband, Herman. This will be dedicated to the Chair listing the Herman Gray Memorial a sustaining member of the Chair in Rehabilitative Sciences.
  • Memorial donations for Mary Nichols Lynch were received from Al Baisi, George & Lisa Williams, John & Barbara Schwartz, Edith Sheppard, Patty Kelm, Mr.& Mrs. Wm. Gullickson, Mr. & Mrs. DeCoster, Mr. & Mrs. Farley, Steve & Julie Lynch, Betty Lynskey, Nancy &Bert Maiers, Helen & Thomas Simonet, Michael Pratt, Mark Dillon, Paul & Annette Rosen, Pat Kennedy, Anne Eastman, Judge Archie Gingold, Billy's on Grand, Institute for Learning in Retirement, Inc., John Erdall, Karl & Bobbie Kaufmann, Roger Forman, Jeff Bangs, Steve Woodrich, Jean Trudeau, Emily & Gedney Tuttle , Thomas Dillon, Fritz & Arlene Rohkohl, Andrew Garoogian, Mary Pratt, and James & Emily Seesel, Jr. in addition to a donation from Mary's husband, Judge James Lynch. These donations will be kept in perpetuity by a sustaining membership for the Mary Nichols Lynch Memorial for the Chair in Rehabilitative Sciences.

  • Many of you have read and reread The Chronic Bronchitis & Emphysema Handbook by Drs. Francois and Sheila Haas. Well, there is good news! The updated version of this book has just come out. The 318 pages are crammed with information and are a real bargain at about $15.95 For more information John Wiley & Sons, Inc. using ISBN#047123995X
  • Phone: (800) 225-5945
    Fax: (732) 302-2300
    Email: bookinfo@wiley.com

  • Carolyn asks, "How long does it take to return to your normal oxygen rate after you take off your supplemental oxygen?
  • Good question. Many labs feel that it takes 20 minutes to be completely sure that the effects of supplemental O2 are gone. Most of the effects are gone very much sooner, probably in about 2-3 minutes for the majority of the change in saturation to take place.