• Donations
  • PERF received donations from William Gustafson, Freda Standeford, Sharon Foster, Bill & Shirley Grindrod, Wesley Shull, and Gladys Mollison.
    Dr. and Mrs. Richard Casaburi made another very generous donation to the Chair in the Rehabilitative Sciences.
    Sam Carlson, Sally & Wiley Conover and Leah Lindquist all made donations to the Alice Moore Memorial Fund.
  • Current News
  • Good news about progress in COPD research was relayed by our very own Dr. Rich Casaburi. He was one of about 20 invited participants at a meeting held in Bethesda, Maryland last month. The meeting was organized by the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, the division of the National Institutes of Health that has the responsibility to oversee government support of research in lung diseases. The meeting specifically discussed new initiatives in clinical research in COPD. The participants were encouraged to “think big” about research projects that might result in improved treatment options for COPD patients. A major topic of conversation concerned new approaches to prevent COPD patients from getting sick (“having exacerbations”)…usually related to lung infections. Also discussed were strategies for early detection of disease, which might include such measures as early spirometry or perhaps genetic testing to determine which smokers are predisposed to develop COPD. Studies to clarify the indications for oxygen therapy were discussed. Establishing a network of research centers that could collaborate on large-scale therapeutic trials was another concept that seemed to have support. A report of this meeting’s findings will be composed and should be in print next year. The ability to get government grants specifically targeted at COPD-related issues should be enhanced. This can only be good news for the COPD community!
  • Future Events
  • EFFORTS (Emphysema Foundation For Our Right to Survive) is holding their 3rd Annual Rally for COPD Awareness on May 6, 2002 in Washington, on the west lawn of the White House. Gary Bain, the President of EFFORTS, invites all of you to join them. For detailed information on the planned events, see their web site at http://www.emphysema.net/3rdrally.html. You may learn more about EFFORTS on their web site at http://www.emphysema.net.
  • Several companies are working on smaller more portable oxygen concentrators. However, AirSep has just announced that the FDA has approved their LifeStyle, a concentrator that weighs less than 10 lbs. (4.5 kg) and offers several increased portability options, including a fully retract-able cart and a multi-battery pack for added mobility. The unit's patient interface area, with easy-lift cover, provides flow setting options up to an equivalent of 5 liters per minute and visible, as well as audible, patient safety alarms. LifeStyle continuously produces its own supply of therapeutic oxygen with a pulse-flow delivery on every breath. Continuous flow is not yet available, so oxygen saturations should be tested with use as with all conserving devices. The unit is powered by AC household electricity, a DC automobile adapter, or a rechargeable battery pack. For further information, contact AirSep Corporation. Tel: 716-691-0202, Toll-free: 800-874-0202, Fax: 716-691-4141.
  • ATS, The American Thoracic Society, will hold its annual international meeting in Atlanta, Georgia next May 17th through the 22nd. Just listing the details of each available lecture produces a book larger than most telephone directories! We can't bring you up to date on everything presented, but we will try to present some of this cutting edge information on the treatment of pulmonary disease. Watch for the next Second Wind, early in June, for more interesting information.