Japan Disaster Relief
PERF Establishes Fund for the Pulmonary Patients Affected by the Sendai Earthquake and Tsunami
     PERF, the Pulmonary Education and Research Foundation, is dedicated to helping those with respiratory problems and the health care professionals who work with them.  Our leadership has a long history of collaboration with respiratory physicians and patients groups in Japan.  

We are heartbroken to see the suffering associated with the recent earthquake and tsunami. 


     In keeping with that mission, we are establishing a fund to help the pulmonary community in Japan.   We are receiving reports of terrible difficulties, including a lack of respiratory medications, electricity for oxygen concentrators and a lack of oxygen tanks.  The pulmonary community in Japan is organizing to meet this crisis.  Our plan is to collect funds for transfer as soon possible.  We know that many of you have already donated money, but this fund is specific.  It will go directly to pulmonary and patient organizations for their greatest needs.


     All donations will go directly to help respiratory patients.  There will be no middlemen or overhead expenses taken from donations.  All of us in PERF are volunteers dedicated to doing what little we can to help.  Will you join us in this effort? 


     Donations can be made by check to PERF Japan Disaster Relief, PO Box 1133, Lomita, CA 90717 or through PayPal as instructed on our website http://www.perf2ndwind.org, or following the Donate Button below. Please make sure you write in the 'message box': "Japan Disaster Relief".


Thank you for your support!
Mary Burns, RN, BS
Executive Vice President
PERF, the Pulmonary Education
and Research Foundation

PERF Webmaster


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