Second Wind e-Newsletter Catalog

Date Title
2:1 January 6, 2004 Publication from the U.S. Department of Transportation
2:3 January 11, 2004 End of Life Matters. By Tom Petty, MD.
2:4 January 20, 2004 Letter from Tom: Life's Simple Pleasures
2:5 February 2, 2004 FDA approves Spiriva Handihaler for treatment of COPD.
2:6 February 22, 2004 February issue of PERF's Newsletter is published
2:7 March 23, 2004 March issue of PERF's Newsletter is published
2:8 April 1, 2004 Senator Mike Crapo (R-ID) founds congressional COPD Caucus. Senator calls pulmonary problems a national concern
2:9 April 16, 2004 April issue of PERF's Newsletter is published
2:10 May 26, 2004 May issue of PERF's Newsletter is published.
2:11 July 4, 2004 Celebrate Independence Day a Special Way! By Dr. Tom Petty
2:12 July 5, 2004 June issue of PERF's Newsletter is published.
2:13 July 7, 2004 July issue of PERF's Newsletter is published.
2:14 August 9, 2004 Proposed Ruling of FAA on Portable Oxygen Concentrators
2:15 August 15, 2004 PERF August Newsletter is published
2:16 August 16, 2004 FAA Extension of the Comment Deadline on Use of Portable Oxygen Concentrators on Aircraft
2:17 September 26, 2004 PERF September Newsletter is published. Invitation of the Alpha-1 Foundation to a free public event to be held on October 2, 2004: California COPD/Alpha-1 Education Day, Hilton Carson Plaza, Carson, California.
2:18 October 19, 2004 AANMA Alert: ADVAIR DISKUS Recall
2:19 December 6, 2004 American Lung Association on-line Survey


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