When Carolyn & Bob Hoffman, of Hillsborough, CA asked their friends to donate money to PERF for pulmonary research to honor their 50th anniversary, I’ll bet they never dreamed what they would start. When we told Dr. Petty about this wonderful gesture he was excited and inspired by their example. Here is what resulted from that inspiration; a very special letter from Tom.

Celebrate Independence Day a Special Way! 

Dear Friends, 

This is the month that we celebrate our independence as a nation. The guarantees of freedom are the most precious gifts that our forefathers bestowed upon us. We now continue to enjoy these freedoms, as a way of life. This is the American Way! 

Those of us who have suffered serious illness in the past, know what confinement and loss of control over most of our daily functions mean. Recovery signifies a restoration of these freedoms.  All who have benefited from Pulmonary Rehabilitation, oxygen and other forms of care for COPD and related disorders, have also experienced the restoration of personal freedom.  So let's celebrate with a special gift to PERF, where our support will help others in their quest for freedom.  I have decided to be an  Independence Donor” giving $230.00, one for each year of our country’s existence.  Perhaps some of you would like to join me in celebrating your independence?  Supporting donations of $25, $50, $75, $100, or $150 would help update equipment, and support the newsletter.  An even more ambitious goal would be to offer a grant of $30,000 a year for a foreign physician to spend a year at the Harbor-UCLA Rehabilitation Clinical Trials Center.  This would allow the pursuit of a research project for a year with the opportunity to also learn about pulmonary rehab.  My check is in the mail.  Is yours?  Thanks for joining me in this special effort.


Dr. Tom Petty

We all know what Dr. Tom Petty is celebrating!  The Independence Donor Club started by Dr. Tom has taken off like the Indy 500!  Joining immediately were all of the members of the PERF Board of Directors.  We stepped to the front of the parade as we made our contribution to celebrate Tom Petty’s progress as he returns to health.  Are you celebrating your own improvement, or that of a loved one?  Join us as either an Independence Donor or a Supporting Donor.  It’s a worthwhile cause and you will be in good company as we reflect on our country’s gifts as well as our own.

Do you have a story about your reason to celebrate?  We know that there are many out there that would inspire others.  We would love to share it, along with your name, when we add your name to either group of donors.



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