Second Wind e-Newsletter Catalog

Date Title
1:1 April 24, 2003 Dr.Tom Petty: Walk Away From Hospitals and Eat Your Way Back to Health
1:2 April 28, 2003 Announcement of the PERF regular Newsletter.
1:3 April 28, 2003 Dr. Tom Petty: Living Room
1:4 May 8, 2003 Dr. Tom Petty: Triple Jeopardy
1:5 May 11, 2003 PERF May Newsletter
1:6 May 15, 2003 Announcement on Dr. Petty's recovery from surgery.
1:7 May 25, 2003 Dr. Petty is out of hospital
1:8 June 10, 2003 Dr. Petty tells about his condition
1:9 June 11, 2003 Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) by Brian Tiep, MD.
1:10 June 12, 2003 PERF June Newsletter
1:11 July 12, 2003 PERF July 2ndWind Newsletter
1:12 July 29, 2003 Dr. Petty sends his thoughts about ambulatory oxygen therapy
1:13 Aug 5, 2003 Virus WARNING.
1:14 Aug 6, 2003 Towards a New Book
1:15 Aug 24, 2003 Medicare to Pay Major Lung Operation. Article in the New Your Times, 21 Aug, 2003 by Denise Grady.
1:16 Aug 28, 2003 PERF August Newsletter
1:17 September 6 My Old Stethoscope. A Letter from Tom Petty
1:18 November 18 PERF October Newsletter and Annual Report and Request for Support
1:19 December 22 PERF November-December Newletter


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