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The featured articles in this edition of the Second Wind are:

National Emphysema Treatment Trial (NETT), by Dr. Tom Petty:

The results of the long awaited National Emphysema Treatment Trial (NETT) on lung volume reduction surgery (LVRS) were recently reported at the annual meetings of the Association of Thoracic Surgeons, and the American Thoracic Society. The nationwide study was done...

Altitude, Oxygen levels and Oximetry, by Mary Burns, RN:

Summer vacations are upon us and some of you have expressed concerns about going to higher altitudes, either by flying, or by driving up to the mountains. You may remember...

The OxyView and the LifeStyle Oxygen Delivery Devices, by Mary Burns, RN

In this article Mary writes about new devices responding to a high demand for information. In this article you will find manufacturer information, website addresses and also phone numbers, where these Companies can be reached.

The PEP Pioneers gave a generous donation to the Chair of Rehabilitative Sciences at Harbor UCLA, Research and Education Institute.

Dr. Casaburi writes a letter to PEP Pioneers.

"I was touched and humbled by the generosity the PEP Pioneers displayed in making a contribution to the Chair in the Rehabilitative Sciences at Harbor-UCLA Research and Education Institute. As you know, I am the current occupant of the Chair, but the Chair is structured to support in perpetuity the work of scientists dedicated to studying ways to improve the lives of people with chronic lung disease. PEP and I go a long way back. My first research studies in pulmonary rehabilitation would not have been possible without this group. I have always been proud of my Honorary Member status. It was a genuine pleasure to be the featured speaker at a recent PEP Pioneer meeting. I very much enjoyed the nice reception my talk on new advances in treatment of COPD received." signed by Rich Casaburi.


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